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The Essay Gal offers editing in all grades, from High School through College specializing in helping high school seniors craft their Common App Essays...
Maureen Adras (that's me) is the creative genius behind The Essay Gal. I have a Bachelor's in English Education (Mmhm. I was a teacher.) from Southern Illinois University and a Master's in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University. A published author, I am passionate about writingteaching writing, and getting students excited about writing. I have worked extensively with high school students writing, revising, and polishing their common essays. My teaching experience spans across the board (chalkboard, whiteboard...) on cave walls, parchment paper,  (I kid!) and iPads in middle school language arts, high school composition and literature, community college, and universities. 

But Wait...There's More! 

I'm your Gal for ANY AND ALL EDITING! I can help you design and polish your website. You'd be surprised how many businesses need a writing, grammar, and mechanics expert. Don't worry. I'm a professional. 

Resume? Thesis? Dissertation? Capstone?

Yes. Yes. Yes...and Yes!

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